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The most positive non slip easy to tune uke peg available anywhere.

Even better than the guitar type tuner.

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Reputed to be the best ukulele tuning peg in the world.

  • Swivel made of high-tech composite material and a light alloy
  • Very light, fast and precise tuning
  • Mounting into the peghead is without adhesive and is carried out by pressing in the tuning peg, as with traditional pegs
  • Self-locking worm gears
  • String cannot be unwound
  • No wear to the peg hole and peg as a result of the shaft being non-rotating, thus also resulting in no friction
  • Not affected by climate
  • Design, dimensions, colour and other characteristics are non-varying
  • Gear ratio: 8.5:1
  • Length: 55 mm
  • Installation diameter: 7.5 mm
  • Taper: 1:30

Once upon a time all ukes had through the headstock pegs. As cheap Chinese geared heads become available , they gradually replaced the hand made pegs. Many players still regard the wooden pegs as authentic and aesthetically desirable. Flamenco guitar players still have a penchant towards the wooden peg. Violin players would consider any look other than the peg, sacrilege.

If you are a Uke player with an expensive “real” Uke, and a little peeved about the cheap Chinese heads on it, your life is about to change. There is an incredible new Uke peg made in Germany, using Swiss and German parts, that has the look and the ability to make your Uke easy to tune, and stay in tune. These pegs work like a fine Swiss watch no pressure needed, and they will not slip ever!

They don’t need to be glued or hammered in as only the internals turn and not the outside casing, you can install them yourself provided you make sure they are installed with a taper of 1:30 in the headstock.

Music City can install for you or your favorite Luthier will be able to do the job.

Full instructions are included with the pegs.

Set of 4

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