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From its establishment in 1974, Music City’s aim has been to provide the Far North with quality instruments and service.

Tired of the same ol’ brands, same ol’ sounds, same ol’ look? Check Music City’s exciting 21st century collection!

Looking for an interesting vintage guitar? Second hand deals to die for? Make sure you stop by regularly.

You will find our prices very competitive; we surf the net like you! Our online store features various products, from ukes to guitar parts to collectible guitars. We love to hear from you and your feedback is always appreciated and make sure to LIKE us on Facebook.

We carefully hand pick all the instruments in our store to ensure you will receive the best quality instrument and value for money, no matter what price!

We are Cairns’ official dealer for  Fender, Maton, Tanglewood, Koaloha, Music Man basses, Blade, Duesenberg, , C.F. Martin, Admira, Takamine, Hiwatt Amps, Kustom valve amps and many more quality brands.

Our array of vintage guitars one could almost die for!

We stock all of the leading brands including...

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