Cairns' home of Guitars

Music City Cairns stocks a wide variety of new and vintage guitars.

Fender, Maton, Gretsch, Harmony and Gibson adorn the walls in every direction, both electric and acoustic, and lap steel.

Don’t forget the dozens of vintage amps, Fender, Gibson, Vase, Moody, Ampeg etc.

A huge range of Nylon classicals, flamencos, and beginner guitars are always in stock.

As a point of interest, Music City has become a must see/visit place for thousands of tourists each year.

We love talking to our walk in customers and will even make you a coffee while you try a genuine 50’s Les Paul, or an L series Fender.

or the very latest Fender Jaguar, through a vintage super reverb.

On your way to the reef or the Daintree Rainforest, make sure you pop in and say hello.

We stock all of the leading brands including...

Brands We Stock