Cairns' home of the Uke!

Very Very rare…. are the shops that stock the Big Three ukuleles from Hawaii.

As a matter of fact there is only one in the Southern Hemisphere!

Music City is the only store where you can walk in and play and compare the Big 3.

Those who are looking for the “ultimate” uke, have usually done online research, listened to their uke teacher’s opinion, or Uncle Harry’s and have formed an opinion on what is the best.

Unfortunately they hardly ever get to play one. A visit to Music City will sort all that out!

Play, feel, and listen to the actual Big 3 and you will soon know which is the best.

If you can’t visit us in person, phone and get one of our uke playing staff  to tell you all about the differences, and even play them down the line if you want!

Any thing you want to know about ukes, just ask Music City Cairns.

Maintenance kits, pickups, Low G strings , dehumidifiers, Uke scales books, finger picking books.

If you have any unusual questions, ask  Ric, lead player with the Bad Boys of Uke, he is in store most days.

We stock all of the leading brands including...

Brands We Stock