Vox Valvetronix AD50VT – early 2000’s (Second Hand)

Vox had considerable success with the Valvetronix “blue diamond grill cloth” line that featured the AD60VT, AD60VTX, AD120VT, AD120VTX, along with the AD60VTH and AD120VTH amp heads. However, these “blue grill” models were somewhat expensive, with retail prices often exceeding $1000. With the AD “Chrome” Series amps, Vox wished to make Valvetronix amps both more affordable and, with edgier styling, more attractive to a youthful market.


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First introduced to the US market in the late 2004, the AD50VT was the most popular member of the AD Valvetronix “Chrome” series of amplifiers. It featured one 12″ Celestion 70-80 speaker in a closed back, pressed board cabinet powered by a 50 watt Valvetronix amplifier circuit. The control panel was loaded with controls for eleven amp models, eleven pedal effects and a two channel digital programmer.

The AD50VT is loud enough for full band use. The Celestion 70-80 12″ speaker can offer traditional British clean or overdriven tones. A rear panel power amp level control allows you to reduce the output power of the AD50VT all the way from 50 watts to one watt.


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