Jade Mahogany Electro-Acoustic Concert Ukulele – Gemstone Series | Flight

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Green is the color of our planet’s lungs. Breathing musical life into your immediate atmosphere. Green is the color of envy when others look at this delicious instrument. As intimate as a quiet forest or as open as the Savannah, this uke is an instrument you won’t want far from your side.

The concert size brings the best of both worlds into one instrument. The mahogany makes this uke sing like a soprano, but the scale length and cutaway means you will have the same scope of fret exploration as a tenor uke. Add into the mix a pickup and you have a ukulele that you can play on your own or to a crowd.

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With bag.

Manufacturer Code: DUC380CEQJADE

Width: 11.25″

Length: 28.0″

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Gemstone Series



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