Mango Fluke – Concert Ukulele with Floral Soundhole

The original design that started it all back in 1999. Created by Dale Webb, this non-traditional take on the ukulele features a unique composite construction of wood and injection moulded thermoplastic.

The combination of wood soundboard and acoustically resonant thermoplastic body, yields a musical instrument with full, bright tonal qualities, is comfortable to hold, tremendously durable, and stands up on its end!

It’s everyone’s favourite – great for travel, adventure, or music class.


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  • The concert FLUKE has a 15.5″ scale length, 15 frets and overall length of 23 inches.
  • Weight is around one pound depending on materials and options.
  • Neck is solid maple.
  • Standard laminate tops are hoop pine (printed or coloured tops) or natural walnut.
  • Bodies are injection moulded thermoplastic.
  • Standard fretboard is moulded polycarbonate.
  • All Fluke models come standard with D’Addario Nyltech strings.


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