NUX Pedal – Time Core Deluxe Delay Pedal

Time Core Deluxe, awesome, user-friendly delay sounds all wrapped up in one little box.

You get a total of 7 different delay types offering a wide variety of delay effects from: 40ms Doubled Rock’n Roll delay, then all the way to 1500ms, with an absolutely mesmerizing wash for ambient echo!

Each delay mode has its own characteristic sound, tweak-able to personalize your preset. Fill your lead tone for solos or experience new and interesting ways to enhance rhythm guitar performance.


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·         Brand:- Nux

·         Model:- Time Core Deluxe

·         Power:- 9v Battery / DC Adaptor Negative Tip 103mA

·         Dimensions:- 12.2cm x 7.2cm x 4.7cm

·         Weight:- 270g

7 Delay Modes

·         Tape – Saturated repeats, a tape machine touch

·         Digital – Crystal clear repeats, best if you use any other modulation effects

·         Analog – Simulates the BBD algorithm and every repeat of the sound reusing the previous repeat. It comes down to personal taste.

·         Ping Pong – Repeats will bounce on left and right. Stereo output connection recommended.

·         Pan – Repeats have a pan algorithm and it will bounce from left to middle and then to right. Stereo output connection recommended.

·         Reverse – Repeats will play backward. You can explore the dark side of the moon!

·         Hold – 40 seconds loop station






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Delay Pedal, Effects Pedal

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