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Introducing the D-Tronic drum kit offering numerous effects and voices, perfect for any drumming style.

This versatile drum kit has the ability to record and playback your own creations along with 2 demo songs to practice along with.

It’s also compatable with your very own devices such as a computer or phone by connecting it via the 1/4″ Aux output on this system.

It offers a plethora of voices, presets, styles and metronomes for any aspiring drummer to use while practicing or in live performance. For an easy set up, the drum rack is pre-assembled


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·         177 voices, 25 preset kits, 5 user kits, 30 song styles, 2 demo songs

·         Metronome with 8 different time signatures

·         Recording and playback

·         8 reverb and 8 chorus effects

·         Sensitivity, threshold, velocity and cross-talk controls for fine tuning of pads

·         Headphone output

·         Stereo master 1/4″ output Auxiliary

·         MP3/CD input for playing along to your own songs as well as the availability of a USB port.

·         Pre-assembled rack

·         1 x 8″ snare pad with rim-shot function

·         3 x 8″ natural rebound tom pads

·         2 x 10″ round cymbals

·         1 x 10″ round hi-hat

·         Hi-hat controller and bass drum pedal controller

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Electric Drum Kit

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