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The 2-channel, 60W Tech 21 Trademark 60 Guitar Combo Amp gives you the flexibility to create your own mind-blowing tones.



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The Trademark 60 is a channel-switching amp, employing a 100 percent analog (solidstate) circuit which produces 60 watts into a 12″ speaker.

What’s unusual is the active tone controls designed to help create those wonderful vintage tones aboard the Trademark 60.

The top mounted controls, from left to right, include a single input jack, channel, and bite pushbuttons, Channel 1 drive, punch, and level controls. Channel 2 features a sweep pushbutton, drive, growl, level, while the Master section sports Link, Boost, Reverb, Low (bass) and High (treble) controls, pilot light, and the on/off toggle switch.

The back panel has a three-amp fuse, headphone, eight-ohm speaker, effects send/receive, ground lift, A/C convenience, footswitch and direct out jacks. The back panel controls aren’t the most convenient locations, but they get the job done without making the amp hard to figure out.

Go from vintage to modern with 2 versatile channels. Boost function expands these 2 channels to give you 4 footswitchable sound options. The Tech 21 1×12 amp has a master section with low, high, reverb, and boost controls; low and high EQ; 12″ speaker; built-in direct box for going straight into a mixer or recording gear, or tapping directly into PA monitors; footswitchable effects loop; headphone output; and more. Plus, the Trademark 60 acoustic guitar amp is lightweight for easy transport and heavy duty for total reliability.


2 channels and boost function for 4 footswitchable tones
Master section with low, high, reverb, and boost controls
Low and high EQ
Built-in direct box
Footswitchable effects loop
Headphone output


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Amp, Electric Guitar Amp



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Electric guitar

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