Sabine FBX-SOLO SL820 Digital Feedback Eliminator with 1/4″ I/O *PACKAGING DAMAGED

Single-channel feedback elimination for acoustic-electric guitars.


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Let’s make this loud and clear: You want more gain? Increased clarity? Automatic feedback control? Want to save some money? Sabine has the answer: The FBX-SOLO Feedback Eliminator, a miniature version of the award-winning FBX-1020P Feedback Exterminator. One SOLO controls feedback on one microphone or instrument — you decide which inputs get precision, automatic feedback control and maximum gain, from one channel to all your channels. Features of the SOLOs include increased headroom, a programmable noise gate, & switchable input/output levels for more versatility.

The FBX-SOLO SL820 provides 1/4″ I/O for use with acoustic-electric guitars, which tend to be prone to feedback at high stage levels. The SL820 lets you get the most out of your sound while performing at hotter levels.

The FBX-SOLO targets feedback without taking a big chunk out of your sound. Digital FBX filters are 10 times narrower than graphic EQ filters. You get back over 90% of the power you lose with a graphic EQ.

Like all the FBX Feedback Exterminators, the FBX-SOLO does what no other audio product can do: it automatically detects and eliminates feedback while leaving the sound crystal clear. The patented algorithm distinguishes music from feedback so it works even during the program, not just at setup time.

If you use your 31-band EQ just to shape your sound and let your FBX control feedback, you should expect up to 9 dB more gain and a dramatic improvement in the sound quality. Why? When you pull down a graphic EQ slider to chase feedback, you also pull out a big chunk of your sound. FBX constant-Q filters are 10 times narrower than graphic EQ filters. Narrow filters mean more gain and more clarity. It’s that simple.

The perfect solution for wireless mics
Using the FBX-SOLO with a wireless mic, you’ll be able to move freely without worrying about feedback. Patch it in your monitors and they’ll be so loud you may have to turn them down. Get the volume you want with your acoustic/electric instrument or harmonica mic and keep that rich tone. And the built-in noise gate provides the control you need in multi-mic locations like conference rooms and courthouses. Wherever you have an open microphone, the FBX is the most effective and least expensive way to make a dramatic improvement in your sound system.

How It Works:
Precisely detects feedback frequency
Places super-narrow (1/10 octave) digital filter directly on feedback
Sets filter just deep enough to remove feedback

What You Get:
More gain… for the first time you’ll have to turn down the monitors!
Increased clarity and intelligibility — narrow filters get the feedback and leave your sound untouched
Automatic feedback control — in setup and during the performance
Targeted feedback control — aim the FBX where you need it most

Mixer insert points, powered mixer patch points, acoustic/electric guitars and guitar amps, and high-impedance mics
Input/output level switches allow any combination of ins and outs
Switchable filter widths: 1/10 or 1/5 octave
Save your acoustic-electric performances from unexpected, vibe-killing feedback. Order an SL820 and play your heart out.

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Digital Feedback Eliminator

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