Worth Ukulele Clear Strings – Standard Tenor w/Low G

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Finally,”WORTH STRINGS” decided to produce and sell these excellent Fluoro-carbon strings.

Fluoro-carbon is used for fishing lines.

They are flexible,durable,and unchangeable in any type of environment.

  • Length: 63 inch
  • 1st A : .57mm/.00224″
  • 2nd E: .66mm/.0260″
  • 3rd C: .74mm/.0291″
  • 4th G: .91mm/.0358″

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Strings are one of the important elements of structuring sounds.

It is difficult to find satisfying strings and features adapted to each instrument.

Some strings have power(volume) but not a good balance.

Others have good balance but low tension.

It is hard to fine a product that gives total satisfaction.

Though buying and trying strings many times,they were always inadequate! (many customers may have felt the same way).

In Low-G specification 4th string

Also the length of these strings are long enough to be cut into two – giving you two sets for the price of one

Additional information

Product Brand

Worth Strings



Form Factor


For Instrument



Ukulele strings



Product Type

Standard Gauge

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