Pitch-Key | Preset Alternative Tuning for Acoustic or Electric Guitar

Preset alternative tunings for Electric and Acoustic Guitars

The Pitch-Key attaches to your guitar string between the nut and the tuning post and allows you to quickly switch between two different pitches. Simply turn the Pitch-Key’s thumb-wheel to switch between your preset pitches.

Great for alternative tuning


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The Pitch-Key attaches to any string in between the nut and the tuning post of your guitar. It allows you to preset two different pitches for that string and to quickly switch between those pitches by rotating the thumb-wheel. It can be fitted and removed in seconds. You don’t even need to remove the strings.

In standard tuning, your guitar plays and sounds just like normal but when you want alternative tunings, the Pitch-Key gets you there and back without any distraction from your playing. Use one, or more Pitch-Keys on your guitar, so you can be as experimental as you like.

The Pitch-Key can be used on Electric and Acoustic guitars of nearly any type, enabling you to set up an alternative tuning which is ready to access whenever you want, you can even change tuning within the same piece. Add instant Drop D tuning or many other variations to greatly expand the musical range of your guitar.

You can take a creative approach to new tunings, new chord shapes and new music, always knowing you can go back to standard tuning in an instant. No need to modify your instrument in any way, no need to re-tune manually and no need to swap guitars.

The Pitch-Key is capable of de-tuning and re-tuning the string very accurately but it is important to make sure that your guitar is properly prepared as follows:-

Accurately set the guitar’s intonation
Ensure that strings are properly stretched in
Ensure that the string is not binding in the nut
The use of a low-friction nut is recommended, as are nut slot grease and locking tuning posts. It is important that the Pitch-Key touches only the strings of the guitar so that it does not restrict any natural string movement.

Your guitar will require a minimum 30mm free string length in between the nut and the tuning post for use with the Pitch-Key. Note that slotted headstock instruments may not be suitable due to the restricted space in between the strings and the headstock.

If preferred, the stabilizer leg gap can be carefully enlarged to suit the diameter of a typical adjacent string. Ensure that the final gap does not fit tightly over the adjacent string. An Occasional application of light oil to the moving parts is recommended for continued smooth operation.

The Pitch-Key is recommended for use on steel strings of gauges down to 0.054″. The extent of available pitch drop varies according to string gauge, tuning and scale length of your instrument. The table above shows the scope of a Pitch-Key fitted to a 25.5″ scale guitar at standard pitch.

Note that you can set the Pitch-Key to raise or lower the pitch of the lighter strings. Due to the higher forces involved, the Pitch-Key should only be set to lower the pitch of the heavier strings.

Tremelo bridges which are set for downward travel only, or which have stabilizer or stop devices installed, can be used with the Pitch-Key.

Consider the gauge of string so that it is suitable for the two pitches you wish to use. For example, a light gauge top ‘E’ might be too slack when de-tuned to ‘D’ or below.


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