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The Legendary Percussion Pad, Updated for Modern Performances.


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Introduced over 20 years ago, the SPD-20 is still treasured by percussionists around the world for its wide-ranging versatility and authentic percussion sounds.

Filled with user-requested features and the latest Roland percussion technologies, the OCTAPAD SPD-20 PRO takes performance to the next level while fully retaining the core appeal of the classic SPD-20.


·        The original SPD-20 sound set, augmented with all-new percussion sounds for a wider sonic palette

·        Includes a broad selection of world percussion, with more than 900 instruments to choose from

·        200 customizable percussion kits, including 100 ready-to-play presets

·        Eight cushioned rubber pads provide even and accurate triggering, improved dynamic response, and excellent isolation between pads

·        Four external dual-trigger inputs and a dedicated hi-hat control input allow connection of additional pads and pedals, including a kick pad and hi-hat controller pedal to create a mini drum kit

·        Dedicated buttons for adjusting sound-editing parameters while performing

·        LCD + LED screens with backlights for easy visibility on dark stages

·        USB memory port for backing up settings and kit data

·        Designed in Japan

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