IE 100 PRO In-ear Monitoring | Black or Clear | Sennheiser

Dynamic in-ear monitors for confident monitoring even on the loudest stages.

Consistent frequency response in both low and high SPLs.

High wearing comfort, even for hours, thanks to an ultra-flat design.

With a stage-proof, robust construction.


Precise monitoring sound for live stages, mixing, producing or simply on the road

For high expectations on live stages: The IE 100 PRO guarantees a precise acoustic overview for live performances with a newly developed dynamic driver. The innovative diaphragm delivers a warm sound, yet powerful and rich in detail.

Even in extremely loud environments, every aspect remains distortion-free and defined. Musicians and DJs choose the IE 100 PRO for its exceptional sound and high wearing comfort – not only for live sessions, but also for producing or as an every-day companion.

·        Innovative, dynamic 10-mm broadband transducer for powerful, precise monitoring

·        Dynamic driver system reduces acoustic stress factors through homogenous, distortion-free reproduction

·        Secure fit, high level of wearing comfort: an innovative single driver design allows for a slim and ergonomic construction

·        Excellent shielding thanks to an optimized earpiece and flexible silicone and foam tips

·        Stage-proof cable with internal cable duct


Black, Clear

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In-Ear Monitor


In-ear Monitor

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