Grassi Clarinet |100MKII

Bb ABS Clarinet, Boehm System, 17 Keys. The CL100 MKII is part of the Master Line of Ida Maria Grassi instruments and is very suitable for students who need an instrument that is easy to manage under the aspects of intonation and ease of response while still offering a full-bodied sound.



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Designed and made with professional build techniques with the use of fine materials, provide optimum stability, immediate & powerful sound, and the ability to play fast passages without difficulty. Designed to meet the highest expectations.

Key: Bb
Fingering System: Boehm, 17 Keys, 6 Rings
Body: ABS
Keys: Nickel-Plated
Barrel Length: 62-65mm
Thumb-Rest: Adjustable, with Ring
Extras: Backpack Foam Case, Grease & Care Cloth includ







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Bb Clarinet

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