Danelectro Dirty Thirty Amplifier (Second Hand)

Late ’90s 20-watt solid-state amplifier with 6″ speaker. Offers a surprising amount of tonal variety with the ‘Dirty Sweet’ control, combined with Tone and volume controls.


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Rare! Very Cool  Retro Danelectro 20w Guitar Combo Amplifier!

I absolutely love the sound this little amp produces. Real dirty garage rock blues sound. Amp is surprisingly loud! The Dirty Sweet control adds a lot of tone and edge to sound. It is like an overdrive, distortion and fuzz sound all rolled into one. This amp is no longer in production and difficult to find.
Danelectro Dirty Thirty Amplifier: late 1990’s – 20 Watt solid-state guitar amplifier with a 6” speaker. Amp has level (volume) & tone control, & a “sweet & dirty” (drive) control, on/off toggle, ¼” input, and headphone jack.

These offer a surprising amount of tonal variety.  Amp weighs about 9 lbs. The dimensions are approx. 12″ X 12″ X 6″ deep at the bottom.

Very retro looking with smooth vintage pleather (vinyl) covering, cloth grill, very durable thick leather handle.  These are no longer in production and are becoming more sought after.

Great little amp for (dirty) Blues harp or slide guitar.

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