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Designed for Live Streamers

The BV4038 microphone is a live streamer’s dream come true!

This professional-quality condenser microphone is an ultra-low noise design – an excellent choice for any live streaming or podcasting scenario – and is rugged enough to go the distance with its high-quality design.

Our BV4038 microphone provides incredible high-quality performance at a price well within the reach of every budget!


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A Retro Touch to Your Home Studio Setup
The BV4038 is an inspired design from a highly popular waffle-iron studio microphone used during 1950s. This mic is built to last a lifetime, just like the original, and the design gives a retro touch to your home studio setup. You’ll feel like you’re back in the golden era of Hollywood. Express yourself!

The High-Quality Capsule
The BV4038 contains a high-quality condenser capsule, which is an ideal choice for capturing vocals and acoustic instruments.

The BV4038 can capture much more detail than most dynamic microphones because of its wider and flatter frequency response.

High directivity makes it an ideal microphone for live streamers as the mic’s response is not affected by the room acoustics and sounds neutral. Wide dynamic range and high SPL gives an edge to your streaming and recording applications.

Plug-n-Play USB Interface
The plug-n-play USB interface of the BV4038 works with a variety of desktop computers, laptops and other USB-enabled devices.

You will be ready to go live on your PC or Mac right out of the box! The BV4038 is an affordable, high-quality essential studio tool that will work for you. Enjoy the feel!

Extraordinary Value
BV4038 comes with a heavy-duty tripod, microphone clamp and a high-quality, electromagnetically shielded USB cable.

Visit your local authorized dealer today and see just how easy and affordable it is to hop on the BV4038 bandwagon – or get yours online.



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