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The DSL Banjo Strap has been designed from the ground-up to be the most comfortable, flexible and durable banjo strap ever made.

Much consideration was given to the physical weight and unique balance issues related to banjos, resulting in the use of a special padding and tail system.

Each strap features special density 15mm padding that runs the complete length of the strap, from the tail-to-tail adjustment.

The strap is secured to the banjo using special-width interweaving tails that thread through the head lugs and are joined together with a high quality string.


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Handmade in Australia
Highest quality genuine leather
Double stitched for strength
Top is tough but supple medium weight leather
Backing is top-quality full grain garment quality leather
Fully padded from weave adjustment to strap pin hole
Back colour: Black
Classic tough interweave tail for further strap length adjustment

  • Weight: 500 g
  • Width: 2.5
  • Top Leather Type: Medium Weight
  • Padding: Yes
  • Music Genres: Country Western
  • Top Leather Colour: Black
  • Back Leather Colour: Black




Product Brand

DSL Straps

Product Type

Banjo Strap

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