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With the Three-Chord Christmas Songbook you will need only minimal playing skills and three chords-G, C, and D7-to accompany each song in this great book. The jam-packed book is invaluable for all beginning musicians, casual musicians, teachers, family bands, and performers. Melody, lyrics, and chords are included for all songs.


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Guitar, uke, and five-string banjo diagrams are included for the three chords, along with basic accompaniment tips. Transposing and how-to-use-the-capo tips are included for singers. An invaluable sourcebook for teachers and a handy, compact fakebook for performers. A unique collection of timeless songs for the entire family.aC/ Accompany 50 vibrant Christmas songs with only minimal playing skills. aC/ Each song includes melody, lyrics, and chords.aC/ Perhaps the most interesting collection of Christmas songs to be found in print today.aC/ Interesting historical images are found throughout the text.aC/ A superb book for getting beginners involved and keeping them involved.aC/ Only a few minutes of technical training equips any person to accompany all 50 songs in this book.aC/ Teachers can use this collection as a foundation to teach more advanced patterns and arranging techniques.aC/ Excellent “mini fake book” resource for all musicians and performers.

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Larry McCabe, Mel Bay Publications

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50 Three-Chord Christmas Songs for Guitar, Banjo & Uke



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