6-Channel Stereo Audio Mixer | Italian Stage – 2MIX6FXU

6 Channel Stereo Audio Mixer with DSP MultiFX.

The new Italian Stage 2MIX is small format mixers’ series offering everything the musician or the simple enthusiast need, as well as a clear and powerful sound thanks to the use of low noise preamps.



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Equipped with a complete feature set, the 2MIX series offers Bluetooth audio streaming, as well as USB recording and playback.

Equipped with a digital DSP Multi FX processor, the Italian Stage 2MIX lineup also works as a 2 + 2 channel USB audio interface for DAW recording / playback.

The 4, 6 and 8 channel models also include USB audio with an integrated recorder / player able to record MP3 files directly on USB flash drives.

You can play MP3 files as backing tracks, or play background music during live breaks.


·        1 Master Fader

·        5 Channel Fader

·        2 MIC IN, 1 STEREO LINE IN

·        Integrated DSP MultiFX processor

·        Phantom 48 V

·        Low Cut Filter

·        Integrated USB Player / Recorder

·        Integrated Bluetooth

·        USB cable & power supply included

Product Brand

Italian stage



Product Type

6-input, Mixer


Audio Mixer

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