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The Everest Standard Viola Shoulder Rest is a great option for violists looking for a shoulder rest that is comfortable and affordable.



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·        Specially engineered fix tilt design – raises the viola to an ergonomically correct and comfortable playing angle.

·        Overall shape and curvature of the rest suits around 95% of players.

·        Extra thick foam for comfort – 8mm.

·        Rubber coated feet to protect your viola.

·        The feet have an extra prong in the middle of the outer claws which helps prevent the rest from sliding off.

·        Adjustable – Unscrew feet and select alternate positions for best fit to the instrument.

·        Extra height can be achieved by swapping out the regular feet for extra long feet.

·        Size: Adjustable for 15”, 15.5”, 16” or 16.5” violas.

·        Weight: 94g

·        Dimensions (cm):

·        Length – 24.5 (foam length is 20.5cm)

·        Width – 3.5 (body width)

·        Height – 5.5 (feet screwed in completely)

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