NUX Pedal – ROCTARY (Rotary & Poly-Octave)

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The word Roctory is a combination of “Rotary” and “Octave”.

It delivers authentic sounding rotary speaker effect and super accurate polyphonic octave effect.

It even captures the subtle effect changes when the motors ramp up and down!

With the polyphonic octave effects, you can add a +1 Octave and a -1 Octave to make your guitar sound like an Organ!

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·         NUX original TSAC Technology


·         Rotary Speaker Effect


·         Slow/Fast Switch with Adjustable Rising Time


·         Brake Function


·         Built-in Analog Overdrive


·         Accurate Polyphonic Octave Effect


·         Analog Onboard Overdrive


·         Buffered Tail


·         External Expression Pedal Jack

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Effects Pedal

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