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This is a 6 string Hawaiian-made koa tenor ukulele!

You play it just like a regular ukulele, but it doesn’t sound regular.

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The tones are amazing, angelic, fascinating!!

This tenor is a joy to play and will inspire you in ways a four string never could.

Many uke players are not aware of the musical delight of a good six string tenor.

This is amongst the best in the world and we know you’ll love it!

The tuning is G-C-E-A so all chords and scales remain the same, but the C and A strings are doubled in octaves for a more full and brilliant tone.

Many import six string models are hard to play and keep in tune. Not so with this instrument. It is a breeze on the fingers with perfect, low action.

It is also easier to get a smooth strum sound on than a four string.

The tuning keys are high quality and the solid koa wood is a beautiful golden brown.

Please note: that this ukulele can be easily setup as a four string ukulele if required.


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Tenor, Ukulele

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