KoAloha Imaikalani 4/6 String Tenor Ukulele – With Pickup KTM-06 | Ko’Aloha |

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Here is another legendary KoAloha  IMAIKALANI Tenor Uke Made in Hawaii.

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To demonstrate the versatility of this instrument, we have strung it up as a normal 4 string tenor.

That’s no big deal of course, you just leave off the two octave strings. Strung in this fashion it plays and sounds like a normal KoAloha tenor. (magical)

We have also installed a Five O pickup, which we find a fantastic match for the KoAloha.

We have priced this one at the same price as a normal KoAloha tenor, which means you get more bang for your buck!  You can easily chose between 6 and 4 string, with just one uke.



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