J213 Glass Slide – Large – Heavy Wall | Jim Dunlop

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Jim Dunlop pyrex glass slides are preferred for full, rich tones.

They sound warmer and more resonant than metal slides, producing smooth transitions with minimal string noise.

Pyrex Glass slides are the top choice for many acoustic players, and they are also favored by electric players who want the purest slide tones possible.

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  • A warmer, thicker tone that accentuates the middle harmonics of your sound.
  • Processed from high quality Boron Silicate.
  • Heat treated and annealed to produce a flawless tube.
  • Heavy Wall Thickness – Large Diameter
  • 23 x 32 x 69mm | .90 x 1.26 x 2.72″ | 13 Ring

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Jim Dunlop

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Glass Slide





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