Fender – Clip On Bullet Tuner

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Built with live performance reliability and aesthetic in mind, the Bullet Tuner provides a nonintrusive, staunchly accurate tool for musicians at every stage.

A powerful engine with a noise-proof vibration sensor allows for precise chromatic tuning for electric, acoustic and bass guitar players alike—while a bright, color LED screen shows easy-to-see readings in any environment.

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·        Vibration-based tuning system

·        LED colour screen

·        Strong clamp

·        10 minute auto sleep mode to preserve battery life

·        Click the power button twice to wake up

·        Tuning range: A (27.5Hz)–C (4186.0Hz)

·        Precision: /- 1 cent

·        A4 range: 440Hz

·        Power supply: 1.5V (LR44) alkaline batteries (2)(included)

·        Dimensions: 36.6mm x 14mm x 38.8mm, Weight: 13.5g

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